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The educator explains the lesson as usual. When she's  done, she simply presses a button on his device and asks FAIE to give specific exercises to the children and are sent to the children’s tablets.


FAIE analyses the profile of each and every child and generates a set of exercises personalised according to the individual abilities of the children. Each child will have a different set of exercises and these personalised exercises are sent to the tablets of the children.


The children work out the exercises on their tablets. FAIE corrects them immediately and gives them feedback. The system also rewards them with virtual badges and awards. If a child has a difficulty, he can ask FAIE for assistance or else refer the matter to the educator.


The educators will receive important analytics about the performance of each and every child thus giving them the possibility to help specific children directly. The system will also predict future performance thus allowing educators to take action before it is too late.


The Fair Artificial Intelligence Educator (FAIE) is a web application available on any device which helps students learn by giving them a personalised education which is fun and understandable. The system supports the teachers in the implementation of the syllabus and guarantees quality education for all, without adding new burdens.

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  • Every child gets the best learning possible automatically customized for his/her individual abilities.

  • Gives each child the right amount of work.

  • Provides automated contextual support even when the child is working alone at home.

  • It will not create any additional burden.

  • It will equip educators with valuable tools and statistics which will help them monitor their entire class and make them focus on those students who really need their help.

  • It will promote the sharing of best practices amongst educators.

  • It will free the time of educators from most corrections.

  • It will make effective use of the tablets already deployed in schools.




Education is facing various challenges at the moment and needs to be reinvented. Students with low abilities might not be getting enough assistance to help them improve, whilst students at the higher end, do not get enough help to get them to excel. A one size fits all education does not work! The situation gets even worse when these children have no one to refer to at home for assistance. Furthermore, at the end of the day, teachers are swamped with never ending corrections, taking away precious time which should be used by the teachers to improve the quality of their educational offerings. FAIE (Fair Artificial Intelligence Educator) is a web application accessible from any device which addresses these issues. It allows the teacher to choose a topic (from a range of topics already available which is in line with the curriculum) and a set of personalised exercises are sent to each and every pupil. Through continuous assessment, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system is capable of designing exercises based upon the abilities of the individual child with the aim of helping  him/her improve at a pace which he/she can handle. This allows the students to progress at their own pace and not according to the average pace of the class. Furthermore, if they get stuck, online help will be there to assist them even if there’s no one around, thus making students self-sufficient. The system also makes use of gamification methodologies to make the system fun and entertaining for the users. Through this system, we are effectively optimising the learning of the students by giving them a personalised education via a simple online interface easily understandable by everyone.



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The Malta Social Impact Awards aims to create opportunities for changemakers, while inspiring others to give and to give well. By bringing business and philanthropy together, MSIA supports local initiatives that have a positive social impact and helps social purpose organisations grow into stronger entities. FAIE was the winner of the Malta Social Impact Awards (MSIA). Prof. Alexiei Dingli, Founder of FAIE said that the “MSIA was an incredible opportunity to develop the idea further and to test its feasibility. The idea behind FAIE came about when I was helping my own kids with their homework. I wondered what other kids go through if they have no one to help them. Thanks to MSIA, I can now help those children as well. For this, I am incredibly grateful,”.



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